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Well done!

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Dec. 31st, 2007 | 12:22 am

When I was working with Life Positive magazine, I heard about this amazingly beautiful concept called Appreciative Enquiry from our editor Suma Varughese. When faced with a problem in an organization, there is usually a tendency to point fingers or pass the buck because nobody wishes to be the person who is in the wrong. Appreciative Enquiry is based on the understanding that complimenting people for what they do well – rather than picking out their flaws – is a more effective way of resolving issues and improving efficiency.


I think this is quite applicable to the systems of evaluation followed in schools and colleges. Teachers are usually so occupied with making an inventory of mistakes that they hardly have the time to acknowledge and compliment the efforts put in by the child. This can be very damaging to the child’s self-respect. On the other hand, if the teacher is sensitive to the child’s strengths and weaknesses, and rewards attempts at self-improvement even with a smile or a pat on the back or a ‘good’ in the notebook, it makes the child feel so much happier.


You might like to read a wonderful story that I found online. Do check it out! It’s called Life is Baeutiful.



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